Download Solfeggio Tones has 2 different versions of the Solfeggio Frequencies:

  • The Series of 9 Album (Created by Brad Johnson: Creator of
  • The Ravi Solfeggio Tones (Free 3rd Party Version)



The file is in ZIP format. You may need a ZIP archive program to gain access to the album.

Once you have opened the album, listen to the Introduction/Instructions track before you listen to the Solfeggio Tone tracks.

The second version is known as the “Ravi Solfeggio Tone.”

– This track is to remain in a high quality WAV format for the best results. This track is the more intense of the two available. It is not recommended that you convert this to MP3 or any other compressed file as you will risk having the tone lose it’s integrity and will not function properly.

  • DOWNLOAD the Ravi Solfeggio Audio File.

The second solfeggio tone is the Ravi Solfeggio Audio version 2 that has a reduction in ambience.

  • DOWNLOAD the Ravi Solfeggio Audio File without Ambience. (Pitch re-mastered to 432 Hz)
  • UPDATE: Introducing the newest addition to The New Ravi Ascension Solfeggio Frequencies: Version 2 – DOWNLOAD the file.


Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Using stereo headphones for the Solfeggio frequencies is highly recommended. The better quality the headphones, the better result you will receive.

As you start to listen to the Solfeggio frequencies, it is important that you focus on the Solfeggio tone playing. Let that be where you focus your attention.

As you also start to listen to the frequencies, you may encounter symptoms such as headaches, body twitches  or even nausea. Do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal. The tones are removing energetic blockages from your body so that your natural harmonic electromagnetic field can flow more energies to the areas of your body that require it.

For best results, listen to any version of the Solfeggio frequencies at least once per day. Best results see improvement after a six week period from listening to the tones daily. You can listen to the tones as often as you want per day as it will only benefit you. As long as you perform the once a day routine for six weeks, that is where you will start to see results.

Please remember that the Solfeggio frequencies are not a “miracle cure.” In no way should you replace your prescribed medication or any other form of treatment without first consulting your physician. The Solfeggio frequencies are an additional tool that can assist you with medical conditions, but should in no way be the primary source replacement without a Doctor’s consent.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will these tones heal me of any ailment?

Understand that only you can heal you. The solfeggio tones are but a tool to assist you in the healing process, but you are the one who decides if you wish to be healed or not. The more you are willing to let yourself go, relax, release belief systems and sink into the frequencies, you are allowing yourself to enter the healing process.

Is there a certain amount of time I need to devote daily on listening to these tones?

How often you decide to listen to them is entirely up to you. These tones are simply meant to benefit you, never to be a burden. Our suggestion for best results is committing at least 15 minutes per day listening to these tones for up to a span of 4-6 weeks while in meditation. Again, this is only suggestive for best results, but feel free to listen to them as frequently or rarely as you wish. The choice is yours.

Should I wear headphones to listen to the tones?
This is highly advised to help you sink deeper into the tones as they come through with more clarity with good quality stereo headphones. The key is to focus entirely on the tones themselves within the music. This is what brings best results. However, if you wish to listen to them over your stereo speakers, this is fine as well.

Why are the Ravi Solfeggio tones recorded in WAV?

For quality purposes. A WAV file is a more uncompressed format and so it preserves more of the tone. This is why it is considered to be more intense. Whereas the collection of 9 solfeggios were captured as MP3 and are more subtle for those who seek an alternative to an intense solfeggio tone.

Can I convert the Ravi Solfeggio tones to MP3?

It is highly advised that you do not as the intensity and clarity of the Ravi Solfeggio tones will be reduced due to the mp3 compression rate. Most mp3 players nowadays will also play WAV files as well. If possible, please try to maintain the clarity and quality of the Ravi Solfeggio tones in its original WAV format.

Can I distribute these tones freely or use them in any form of production or presentation?

Of course you can. There is no copyright or terms in distributing these tones freely. Please feel free to share these tones or use them in any form of production or presentation you wish.

What is the difference between the Sedona 11:11 tones and the Collection of 9 tones and did create them?

The preference of music is really the only difference as they both include the scale of Solfeggio tones, and with the exception that the Collection of 9 has 9 solfeggio tones included whereas the Sedona 11:11 only has 6. No, this website did not create either of these collections. They are available for free and this website is distributing them for free.

Are there any subliminal messages contained within the Solfeggio tones?

None at all. And if you don’t want to take that statement at face value, feel free to analyze the tones yourself. The creators of these harmonizing tones are not about control or conspiracy agendas, they are offered out of the intent to expand consciousness, not to create fear or control-based issues through any type of subliminal messaging.

Are the Solfeggio Tones this website offers available on CD?

No. This is a site currently dedicated to downloads only, however; we are currently working to offer a custom-made Solfeggio CD that will be available soon that can be purchased through this website. Stay tuned for more information on this in the near future.

Are there reasons why other sites charge for their Solfeggio Tones either through download or CD?

That is simply their preference. Often, these tones are custom made through music tracks and we support and respect those that wish to offer custom-made Solfeggio tones for purchase. We however do not charge for our tones currently available on our website, with the exception of an upcoming custom-made Solfeggio CD previously discussed above. However, the tones that are here now on this site will ALWAYS be available to download for free.

For further questions regarding the Solfeggio Frequencies, feel free to contact us.

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