Symbol Release Healing

Can you imagine a healing system that can purge all imbalances throughout your being simultaneously?

One that is highly integrative in combination with a variety of other healing methods?

Through the power of sound, integrate the completion with the benefit of symbols!

A healing system that taps into the akashic records to bring balance through the power of the symbol. This is Symbol Release Healing…

Throughout this DVD, you will learn the fundamental principles of how to utilize the full potential of this amazing new healing system. You will learn how to raise your vibration and attain your very own healing symbol of release, as well as learn an abundance technique known as the “Symbol Reveal Method.” You will receive a video healing directly from the founder of Symbol Release Healing, Brad Johnson. You will be trained as an official facilitator to practice this healing method to others.

Through Symbol Release Healing, you hold the power!

Price: $12.00 CAD

Purchase via Digital Download
(ISO/ZIP Format)

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