The following are testimonials from individuals who have used the Solfeggio Tones:

Hello I downloaded this audio track because I was (bored), I didn’t expect it to work I really just had nothing better to do I was as skeptical as can be. Any how in about a week of listen to this I have been able to do the following

1. heal aches and pains with my left hand
2. see aura’s barely but I’m working on it
3. experience an over all increase in awareness, and some ESP like abilities are begging to emerge.
4. the ability to establish and empathetic link with plant life (no joke I really thought i was going nuts when this started to happen)
5. contact the spirit world, I just had an hour and a half long talk with a spirit who died in japan’s tokugawa era.

Any how I just wanted to say thanks for posting this audio!

– Alex

I have been using these frequencies for almost a week now. Last night before I went to sleep I started thinking about my third eye and asking for it to open up and provide me insight – intuitiveness and connectedness to a higher knowledge. I have been suffering for a while now due to a relationship in which there has been extreme mixed messages. It has been a long term relationship – over 9 years of starts and stops and deep love – then betrayal – engagements, breakups…you name it – we have been through it. 

I just didn’t know what to believe in anymore. The mixed messages – he loves me but doesn’t think we are good for each other right now. He is right – the last episode was ugly. I am a very intuitive person and consider myself awakened as I have been on a spiritual path (gone down every road you can imagine – believe me) for over four years. My dreams would taunt me. I have journals of dreams for the past three years. I have no trouble remembering them. Sometimes it seemed my dreams would be telling me what I wanted to hear – or were they? This one individual is definitely my challenge and my match spiritually, although he doesn’t know it – we are working out some serious karma while on this plane. He is the only individual who has ever made me second guess myself – and he has up until this year done no work toward awakening or ascension. He now is dabbling in it and seems to be happier and calmer – but there is still a wall between us. 

Anyway – back to my point – I had a vivid dream last night where I truly feel I got my answer. He was ambivalent toward me throughout the dream. He had grown tired of the whole thing and was moving on. I woke up knowing this was his truth because I had asked my intuition to take over while sleeping. I have never felt so sure before.

All morning at work I have been down because of this dream. So I just listened to the frequencies while at my desk. As soon as they were over, a wave a relaxation flowed through me. My crown chakra felt like pure love. I feel happy and calm.

– Jen

have been a healer for about 6 years now since I discovered how to facilitate the raising of my vibrations. For the last couple years I have been having visions of existence in the higher dimensions and interacting with other light beings. 

I can definitely say these tones do work. When I listened to the tones I had no negative symptoms, only an increase in my vibration. The 2nd time listening to it I almost had an out of body experience sitting in my computer chair. Relaxing with good headphones really makes it effective. I can see this being very effective in bringing a higher vibration and awareness to those who use it. I did briefly feel a slight tightness in some of my chakras because of their activation. This didnt last very long though.

– Username: Synergy

Last night I felt and immense amount of energy surge through me as the third tone started playing – just like Brad and Ravi had said. I will admit that I didn’t fully believe in the Solfeggio frequencies but the feeling I got last night was the first time that I truly got the energy rush that Ravi and Brad talked about. I was amazed by it and it was only my 4th day doing the frequencies.

I don’t even know how to describe the sensation but I can tell you that I felt it come on in my legs and then it traveled all the way up my body to my head. I could then feel my eyes kind of dart around a little bit, similar to what they would do during REM sleep. I don’t know if that’s normal and if it isn’t, please let me know. There was some slight tingling in my left hand but it was very slight so I don’t know if that means anything special. 

I felt at peace after this sensation and as soon as the frequencies were finished, I began meditating for the world, sending out my love and light. I am slowly feeling myself accept these things I have been reading about and I feel as if I am changing. My wife even said that she felt like I was changing and she was worried about it. The bottom line is that I am feeling more and more that I am definitely on the right path and it’s very exciting to me.

OH, I almost forgot to mention that when I was finished with the frequencies, I went to the bathroom, washed my hands and was thinking to myself, “wouldn’t it be eerie if I went into the bedroom and saw 11:11 on the clock?” And sure enough, when I looked at the clock, it was exactly 11:11p and then, as I was looking away, it changed to 11:12p. Now mind you, the last time I looked at the clock before that, it was like 10:06p and didn’t really think about the clock much until after the frequencies. Maybe I manifested it or maybe someone is trying to tell me something? I don’t know but Brad was right about the whole 11:11 thing. Wow.

– Username: QDawg27

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