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There are six Holy frequencies in Detail (Ravi Solfeggio Version):

0:00 to 1:30 Helps “Liberate Guilt and Fear” – associated with releasing emotional patterns.


1:31 to 3:00 Helps “Undoing Situations and Facilitates Change” – associated with breaking up crystallized emotional patterns.


3:01 to 4:30 Helps “Repair DNA / connecting all the strands” – associated with Transformation and Miracles.


4:31 to 6:00 Helps “Connecting / Relationships” – associated with whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. Connecting Relationships.


6:01 to 7:30 Helps “Awakening Intuition” – associated with intuitive states, non linear knowing.


7:31 to end Helps “Return to the Spiritual Order” – associated with a pure love frequency: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order.

The Ravi Solfeggio Versions are intense, so it's best to play them around 25%-50% volume.


Download FREE versions below:

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